Dad Tales and Reflections

By Anthony Buccino

Your snippets of family history need not be formally recorded and typed out on the latest fancy computer. It is not, after all, a history assignment.

But some day you'll thank yourself for making the time when you pull out that old videotape and find how cherished those rambling tales have become.

Dad in His Overalls, Me in Mine

How Many Hammers Are Enough

Dad Bought Back His Shoes as I Slept

A Father's Place

Psyching Up for the Carpenter Bowl

Do We Ever Stop Missing Our Folks?

Coal Miner's Kids' Christmas

Grandma's House in the Country

Strangers in Old Photographs

Great-Gramps Was a Pumkin

Twirler's Parents Lose Saturdays

Sixteen Inches on Center By Anthony Buccino

Sixteen Inches on Center

But these decades later I find
We talk more now
and I have a different view
of him and the twenty few years
we spent together.
I know he was winging it
and I was a whirling dervish


Your Birthday

Old Man

What Pa Didn't Say

War Movies



Burning Leaves

Fixing the Roof

Talk More Now


Anthony Buccino





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New Jersey author Anthony Buccino's stories of the 1960s, transit coverage and other writings earned four Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism awards. The Pushcart Prize-nominated writer has been called ' “New Jersey’s ‘Garrison Keillor” or something to that effect.’

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