A few Christmas tales and such by Anthony Buccino

Ah, December, time for a few Christmas stories

By Anthony Buccino

Still Married to a Christmas Nut - © 2011 by Anthony BuccinoHoliday Tales, sort of ...

Married to a Christmas Nut

Her classroom makes 'season's greetings' cards pale by comparison. She has a Christmas scene painting nine feet wide and four feet tall that one of 'her kids' made.

Coal Miners' Kids' Christmas

The coal miners' kids were appreciative to get an orange for Christmas. When the Salvation Army showed up with a basket of food, that was the miracle of Christmas.

Snowmen on Fireplace Mantel by Anthony Buccino

Home, Sweet, Home

Still Married To A Christmas Nut

Through the years, weíve untangled strands of lights on dismal bushes, shown spotlights on our wreath, set out twisted twigs in the shape of reindeer and a glittering, lighted, two-piece Santa that kept losing his head in strong winds.

Christmas Tree Ornaments, to hang or not to hang - by Anthony Buccino Copyright © 2009 Ritual - Second Tier Decorations

In the cold attic they wait. The heat of summer long gone, the chill of December  wheezing through eave vents, we pull down drop-stairs and peer into the darkness above.

Homeless at Christmas

No tinsel or ribbons, No surprise boxes in the morning, Nothing to unwrap, No squeals of joy at good giving. The boxes of food arrive From the can drive at the local school and somebody asks what they'll do with all those cans if they're homeless.

Donít forget, itís a birthday party

The ďseason to be jollyĒ always manages to age me 60 years. For me, itís a solid look into a vast void. Where is the joy that once was?



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