Nutley Notables - The Men and Women Who Made a Memorable Impact on Our Home Town, Nutley, New Jersey - TWO VOLUMES!

By Anthony Buccino

Nutley, New Jersey, has accumulated a wealth of celebrated and eccentric people who over-shadowed the salt-of-the-earth folks who lived here, raised their families and built the town into the place that Norman Rockwell only dreamed of illustrating for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. We’re going to tell you about a few of them, some you may know and many you will not forget.

Our Nutley Notables include Old West sharpshooter Annie Oakley who has a street here named in her honor; home-diva Martha Stewart who grew up on Elm Place and often writes of growing up in Nutley but has no street named for her; and others who may have to wait a while for street naming honors.

Profiled individuals run the gamut from politicians to high school coaches and athletes; from notorious personalities to beloved entertainers to the fellow in the local shop to the artists and writers who toiled long ago and today. Their images and stories document the unique contributions they've made that shaped Nutley today.

Nutley Notables: Volume One

Nutley Notables, Nutley, NJ by Anthony Buccino

Who's Who ...


Joseph Kingsland


William Berg

Edith Bouvier

Eaton Stone

Annie Oakley

Paul Chapman

Weary Willie

Van Riper


Richard W. Booth


William A. Lambert


Filomena Coppola

Lt. Robert Cirri

Dorota Kopiczko

Franco Lalama


Frank R. Stockton

Henry C. Bunner

Frances Goodrich

Paul Goldberger

Philip Miller Boffey

Ann Troy

Frank A. Orechio

Steve Politi

Phil White

Michael C. Gabriele

Joseph Cervasio

Ann Rabinowitz

Jessica Denay

Vicky Chalk

Robert Ellis Kur

Ken Eulo

Raquel George


Lloyd Goodrich

Arthur Hoeber

James Carlin

Reginald Marsh

Frank Fowler

Julian “Bud” Blake

Michael Lenson

Gary T. Erbe

Thomas Francisco

Angelo Nardone


Martha Stewart

Robert Blake

Jackie Paris

Susan Narucki

Frankie Valli

Chris Wragge

Steven Fastook

Richard Nanes

Steven Petronio

Malcolm Marmorstein

Arnold Merritt

Evan Megaro

Donna Castellano

Lawrence Curtis Roberts

Dorothy Allison

John Barbata

Michael Hirsch

Ron Owens

Raphael Rudd

Jonathan Budine

Fred Sayles

Pat Mirucki


John Walker

Mike Geltrude

Lynne Viola

Linda Stamato

Paul Rodney Radcliffe

Barbara Hirsch

Eileen Poiani

Julian Himeley Bigelow

Kathryn B. Feuer


Virginius Mattia

Christine E. Haycock

Bevan M. French

Eric N. Prystowsky

Milton Prystowsky

Angela Cristiano

Earl Reeder

Alix Strachey

Nicholas L. DePace

Richard J. Jackson

Andrew Pecora

Ronald J. Scrudato

Catherine Murray

Henri Busignes

Geerat Vermeij

Maureen Jaret

Dennis Paserchia

Military Service

Lt. Michael W. Debany

William Nolze

Pervis Robison

Lt. David Dinan III

Francisco Brothers

Brig. Gen. John R. Jannarone

William Falduti

Anthony Andriola

Nelson Rummel

Capt. James W. Pearson

Victor Connell

Edward Jenkins

Capt. Angelica Vitillo Costa

Capt. Rita Lenihan

Dan Marese

Jack Kane

Lt. Cmdr. Steve Rogers


Carol Blazejowski

Victor Hopkins

Tina Cervasio

Capt. George Stanford

Ronald Fraser

Benjamin Hawkins

Larry Brancaccio

A.C. Welenofsky

Joseph ‘The Chief’ Scarpa

Phil Cuzzi

Bryan Haczyk


Ira Rubel

Bus McGinity

Amuel E. Lardier

Thomas P. Infusino

Vincent LoCurcio

John Lloyd Huck

Keith Thomas Banks

Richard Sarles

Cathleen Benko

Anthony Baratta Jr.

Edward Lauber

Narenda Patel

Ralph Scognamillo

Diane, Mario Mandour

Public Service

Harry Chenoweth

William J. Jernick

Carmen Orechio

Ruth, Stanley Bedford

Jane Grey Burgio

John Lucy

Peter Scarpelli

Theodor De Muro

Frank A. Cocchiola

Joanne Cocchiola

John V. Kelly

Frank R. Lautenberg

Faith Shapiro Hochberg

Barbara Buono

Msgr. Anthony DeLuca

Michael A. Saltarelli

Msgr. James J. Owens

Walter F. Reinheimer

Flora Louden

Anthony Iannarone

John Holland

William Jernick III

Anthony LaForgia

Donna Martin

Mario Pavone

Ed Stecewicz

Mary Ann Griese

Jean Thomas

Joseph DelGrosso

Loretta Catena,

Stephen, Janet P. Canonico

Rich, Carolyn Agresta

Starks Lewis

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Nutley Notables: Volume Two

Nutley NJ Notables - The Men and Women Who Made a Memorable Impact on Our Home Town, Nutley, NJ

Who's Who ...  in Volume Two

Notable Nutley Women

 Beatrice Perry

 Gertrude Guenzler

 Elizabeth Stow Brown

 Jeanette Clendinning  

 Nelle M. Anderson

 Elvira Kinsley

 Dorinda Peddieson

 Emma Jane Proal

 Faith Walcott Morgan

 Lella Secor Florence

 Mary Sargant Florence

 Olive C. Sanford

 Dorothy de St. Clement

 Grace Seymour

 Abbie Magee

 Ellen M. Berger

 Dorothy Eldridge

 Elizabeth Brackett

 Ada Weigel Powers

 Norma Hall

 Anne Steele Marsh

 Vivian Fikus

 Louise Miller

 Ruth Keenan

 Estelle Armstrong

 Elise H. Yorton

 Alice Lester

 Joyce Donadio

 Josephine Baldino

 Margaret Mountsier

 Catherine Danchak

 Nancy Greulich

 Alice M. Lynch

 Margaret Rummel

 Maxine Hoffer

 Michelle Fleitell

 Romilda Chiga

 Maureen Marion

 Anne Rotonda

 Edith Hutchinson

 Rosalie Scheckel

 Florence Rutan

 Elsie Ciccone

 Bertha Clark

 Mary Perrotta

 Marilyn Craine

 Bernadette Ferraro

 Jill Fenske

 Noel Phyllis Birkby

 Franca Petracco

 Sally Goodson

 Frances Shannon

 Mary Rubino Ryder

 Mel Priolo

 Linda Buset

 Susan Furnari

 Laurie Cooper

 Gail Ferrara

 Wendy Galloway

 Cowboy artist Tom Lovell, childhood home in Nutley NJ

Artists, Musician, Writers

 Arthur Elder

 Tom Lovell

 Charles Nunzio

 William Pène du Bois

 Roylance Sharp

 Salvator Asaro Jr.

 David DiFrancesco

 David Gilbert

 Dick Kramer

 Barry Lenson

 Larry Hunt

 Michael Volpe

World famous accordianist Charles Nunzio's music shop in Nutley

Public Service

 Hermanus Brown

 Ellery W. Stone

 Gerald Ferraro

 Theodore Berger

 Frank V. Tangorra

 August Negra

 Tom Booth

 Domenick Rubino

 Dave Wilson

 Daniel Dwyer

Business Leaders

 George and Elma Drewes

 George La Monte

 Emmanuel and Jeannine Atzeri

 Anthony Biondi

 Nick Cullari

 Ottavio Palladino

 Allen Robert Taylor

 Samuel W. Brown

 Giacomo Pontoriero

 Keith Jaret

 Keith Taylor


Milt O'Connell

 Frank Kirleski

 Angelo Pucci

 Ray Blum

 Cliff Mapes

 Gil McDougald

 Moose Skowron

 Ollan Cassell

 Ken Nicosia

 Tony Williams

 John Strauch

 Don Chuy

 William Vonroth

 Art Zinicola

 Mel Stottlemyre

 Sam Stellatella

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