WW2 Letters Home From The South Pacific

By Angelo Buccino

ďMet thereís dam little I can write about from this end.

But Iím okay & still kicking thatís the main thing.Ē

WW2 Letters Home from the South Pacific by Angelo BuccinoWW2 Letters Home from the South Pacific by Angelo Buccino is one GIís view of the war amid the heat, bugs, carnage and noise in an artillery battalion supporting First Marine Division at Guadalcanal and other islands that never get mentioned.

Buccino wrote these long-lost letters to his best friend back in the states asking about the old gang.

They turned up nearly sixty years after they were mailed, censored, read by his buddy and then found again in a forgotten footlocker in his old friendís attic.

Along with a stack of Angeloís photos from training and across the ocean, weíve put together this collection in time for his 100th birthday.

The war aged him, and he passed in his sixth decade. Here is a way to remember him, his sense of duty, his sense of humor, and the years he spent on hot bug-infested islands defending all he left at home.

Buccino entered the U.S. Army on February 7, 1941. He served with Americal division with the First Marine Division, Reinforced, on Guadalcanal the Fiji Islands and unnamed places in the South Pacific, he was honorably discharged on September 22, 1945.

U.S. Army Postal Service April 28, 1942

ďApril 25, 1942 Ė Ö In spite of the heat, Iím feeling all right. And when I listen to an American broadcast, I feel even better, man my heart skips a few beats. From what Iíve seen, if I ever get back to America, Iíll be like that guy hopping the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Iíll never roam any more. Thereís nothing like the States. Met, take it from me. I canít understand why people spent money to go to Europe when there was so much to see in the States. Yeah man itís beyond me.

Your probably wondering when Iíll be home. Well I canít say but with a prayer, and a little luck, I hope to be home Christmas. This is my opinion and I may be well be here for over a year. (Pardon me I just knocked on wood.)ÖĒ

What the US Army censors said in WW2

ďDec. 19, 1942 Ė I received a bushel of mail a few weeks ago, cards, packages & letters. Iíve been trying to answer them as soon as possible but I still have four to answer. Stationery is scarce as hell here, I borrow some from this guy & some from that guy, so Iím getting by until I receive some through the mail.

The heat of 120 degrees isnít bad but these large mosquitoes are a real pain in the neck. They are the largest Iíve seen & when they bite they draw plenty of blood, then leave a welt the size of a quarter. You kill one & fifty take its place. Aside from that & losing some weight, Iím alright, I guess. Oh, yes, a few heat rashes tooÖ.Ē

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Nutley Author Publishes Military Dad's Letters From Overseas

Nutley Author Publishes Military Dad's Letters From Overseas

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Local Man Publishes Book
of WWII Letters His Dad Wrote

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