Winter weather, cold, ice, snow, slush, traffic, oh my, in NJ

By Anthony Buccino

What to wear on a freezing, bitter cold day like today

If you dress like someone who can see Russia from her house, then you are nice and toasty as that arctic blast tears at the seams and zippers in your clothes. But you are, for all intents and purposes, a warm hapless commuter

Power Kouse - Hudson-Bergen Lightrail - Jersey City, N.J.

Lawn ornament, Blizzard Blvd, Snow Place, Snow'd InnSnow days in the 1960s

My friends and I would tromp through the snow playing war or starting wars or chasing the dog and we’d laugh ‘til our tears froze along with our running noses. And then we laughed some more.

It's April in New Jersey, keep the snow blower handy

When cherry blossoms bloom in Belleville Park, it’s time to put away the snow blower. But this year, things have changed.

The Chimney Sweep Saved My Family's Lives

He looked at me plainly, trying to put it simply, “Your chimney flue is blocked and your headaches are from carbon monoxide fumes.”

Time to Lose the Window Air Conditioners

The new window units are more efficient and lighter than those we started with long ago, they seem heavier each year. I like to be cool, but I'm not a big fan of air conditioning.

Memories of Brookdale Soda, pride of the Garden State

Unless, and I just thought of this, unless I put the whole bottle in the freezer, then I won't have to get the ice! Hmmmm, that sounds like a cool, safe idea for a hot summer night, doesn't it?

But I better remember the bottle or I'll really have something to write the folks in Ashtabula about. I just remembered that those sealed bottles tend to explode when they freeze. I grew up with that too, on the back porch, in the cold, cold winter nights in Belleville, New Jersey.


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